Johann Sebastian Bach,
Goldberg Variationen

Bachs Goldberg-Variationen (Cecilia Li, piano)  
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Goldberg Variationen
Cecilia Li, piano solo

Published 1996 by
Bayer Records

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Windsong Music Group
Haus der Musik , Seilerstätte 30, 1010 Vienna

"I was very impressed with your "Goldberg Variations", so clear, brilliant, full of energy and contrats. My best congratulations."
(Dominique Merlet)

"My best congratulations on your fascinating interpretation of Johann Sebastian Bach´s Goldberg Variations. I am really impressed by your attitudes."
(Norman Shetler)

"This recording has very excellent quality with good sonority, vital tempo, human tone, and simplicity to express bach's music itself.
If you like Gould, you'd better hear this recording. But, if you like Schiff better than Gould, this recording may not fit for you."
(Coolbird (edogawa-ku, tokyo - to Japan) 8.01.2009